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Artificial Intelligence is Helping Bosses Spy You
You may not read every word of your employment contact before signing. At AI era, the file probably includes new articles related to your privacy. When you get the job, it means you consents to sort of surveillance by modern IT or AI technology. For example, Amazon has patented a wristband that tracks the hand movements of workers; Workday, a software firm, crunches around 60 factors to predict which employees will leave. Your boss can know you more than yourself...
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How CIA Hackers Rate Anti Virus Software
If you are using or planning to use any computer security software, like anti-virus products, you may ask this question again, again, and again to either yourself or some others: which is the right choice to keep your privacy and secret from hackers' attack. You may get recommends from separate channels, and feel it's not a easy tradeoff. Now you hear the comments from CIA hackers, more or less you will get ideas from guys who aren't in view of business...
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Did Russia Hack the Democratic National Committee
Hacker is becoming a part in political game. Recently some hacker attacks more or less are connected to Hillary or Trump. A former CIA security expert Fred Fleitz doubted Hillary's argument. She said Democratic National Committee data leaked is due to ambiguous Russian trying to block her road back White House...
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Hackers Have Tricked Facial Recognition Technology By Facebook Photos
Facial recognition software is as the new fingerprint in may ways, and is accepted as new methods of identity authentication. Unfortunately, with photographs from Facebook, vision specialists can create 3-D facial models to trick facial recognition systems...
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Chinese Tycoons Party Officials Data Leaked on Twitter
Personal information on dozens of Chinese Communist Party officials and captains of industry from Jack Ma to Wang Jianlin may have been exposed on Twitter in one of the country’s biggest online leaks of sensitive information. Posts on Twitter from an account under the name “shenfenzheng” -- which has since been frozen -- claimed to show...
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The US Army's website was hacked
The US Army's official website was hacked with messages denouncing Washington's training of rebel fighters inside Syria, but no data was stolen, officials said. As a result of the hacking, the Army decided to temporarily shut down the website, which is designed for the general public with basic information and does not contain classified or...
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12 tips from getting hacked
If we’ve learned anything about cyber security in 2014, it’s that hackers are becoming more of a threat than ever before. Within the past two months companies such as Microsoft, AOL, and eBay have been the victim of security breaches. And let’s not forget about the Heartbleed bug — a giant vulnerability that was discovered within an encryption...
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Official describes rampant computer hacking at VA
At least eight foreign-sponsored organizations, mostly connected to the Chinese military, have hacked into computer networks at the Veterans Affairs Department in recent years or were actively trying to do so, a former VA computer security chief told Congress on Tuesday. Jerry Davis, who served as the VA's chief information security officer until...
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Hacker swipes 3.6M Social Security numbers, other data
By the time the computer crimes office of the U.S. Secret Service discovered a problem Oct. 10, a foreign hacker had taken a database from the Department of Revenue's computers exposing 3.6 million Social Security numbers and 387,000 credit and debit card numbers, one of the largest computer breaches in the state or nation. The breathtaking...
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